Thank´s for the suport

Always on the road, always in the sunny side of life!?
This is what many people have in mind when they think about musicians.

The reality is quite a bit different, the time on stage is only a small part of our daily, but really loved work. We spend a lot of time on the road, in rehearsals or have to do a lot of paper work like any other “workers”
In addition to our working hours, the financial side is not always easy

…Yes it is work, but it´s also our live and our love.

Here it comes to our endorsers who believe in our music and give us the strength to stay tuned , these great people help us in different ways to be able to live our passions and dream…


A good bow is as important as a good violin, and for me the Arcus is the Ferrari under the violin bows.
Agile powerful and elegant, in this unique Arcus-Bow there is an incredible amount of know-how of the bow maker.
With the Arcus-Bow you can play everything you ever dreamed of on the violin. “Nothing is impossible with Arcus!”
The best bow to work and play. I am happy and thankful to have such amazing Bow .

Thanks a lot to Bernd Müsing!


REMIC MICROPHONES is the leading Professional designer & manufacturer of high definition condenser microphones for classical instruments.
Based in the heart of Jutland, Denmark, we have been developing microphones specialized for classical instrument, since 1996.


A great Person needs to be mentioned in this context. Holger Gekle made this great website with his love and passion for music.

I am grateful to have him by my side and am thankful for his wonderful work.

Thanks a lot Holgi !
You are the best !

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